Resources to help you secure your next job

HumanKapital will provide you with specialist advice and added resources to assist you with applying and interviewing for your next role. To get the most out of these resources, please feel free to download each file and save it to your personal computer. 

How to Write a Resume

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The times of resumes being a long-winded description of your life are far gone. The internet is full of templates that make applications for jobs easier, however with continued globalisation and a variety of non-computerised professions, recruiters still encounter “bad” resumes. 

Popular positions can have hundreds of applicants and during a candidate browse, the average recruiter doesn’t spend more than 6.5 to 10 seconds on a quick resume review before they are able to assess suitability for a role.

The time spent on resumes during a proper assessment is (of course) longer, however, to pass the initial scan, a candidate needs to structure the information within the document well and make the most of highlighting important aspects of their career. 

For some tips on writing or revising your resume, please click the link below. 

Resume Template

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Utilise the tips we discussed above by downloading our resume template below and creating your next resume. 

How to Prepare for an Online Interview

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Preparing for an online interview is just as important as preparing for a face-to-face interview. Working remotely and using online video call platforms appears to be the new preference for many employees and employers. Due to this change, we find people may forget to prioritise preparation or dress-code when having an online interview. 

For some tips on preparing for your next online interview, please click the link below. 

Job Interview Preparation Checklist

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Preparing for your job interview will help you feel confident and in control throughout your interview, which are important traits for creating a good first impression and increasing your chances of success.  

To view our Job Interview Preparation Checklist, please click the link below.