Advice and support tailored to your specific needs

At HumanKaptial we have over 20 years of domestic and international experience in human resources, recruitment, workplace health and safety as well as business transformation. Because our experience and expertise has been gained in the real world we approach every assignment with the specific needs of our clients in mind.

What does that mean for you… we never suggest off the shelf solutions. We understand that each client has their own unique challenges and needs which is why our tailored and authentic advice is applied from working with ASX listed companies, public sector organisations as well as small and medium enterprises.

Managing on Demand

Managing day to day HR, Recruitment and WHS issues can be frustrating, complex and time consuming.

On Demand Support -

At HumanKapital we know it can be costly to employ dedicated HR, Recruitment and WHS practitioners with the right level of experience, expertise and up to date knowledge. That is why HumanKapital offers an “On Demand” support service called HumanKapital On Demand.

HumanKapital On Demand provides HR, Recruitment and WHS experts with real world experience and up to date knowledge who will assist you to manage every day through to strategic issues as well as serious high risk / high consequence matters. This assistance is in real time 24/7 over the phone, via email or a site visit.

This service has a number of benefits to employers including:

On Demand Support -
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Embedded HR, recruitment and WHS partners

On Demand Support -

If you require support for a short or fixed term HumanKapital can embed one of our HR, recruitment or WHS specialists into your business on a daily or fixed rate. These specialists will be matched to your industry and skill set requirements. HumanKapital will cover all essential insurances and they will sit on our payroll.