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At HumanKapital, our workplace mediators and investigators are seasoned experts with proven ‘hands on’ experience dealing with informal complaints through to formal complex investigations from the operational level through to the senior executives. 

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Workplace investigation

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The investigations conducted by HumanKapital are fair, impartial and prompt focusing on sensitivity and confidentiality throughout the investigation process. Interim reports are provided followed by a formal written report with findings, evidentiary matters, root and underlying causes and recommended post-investigation action including preventative/ mitigation strategies.

Situations where you may consider using an external investigator:

Workplace mediation

Newcastle Recruitment Agency - HumanKapital

HumanKapital’s accredited workplace mediators are skilled in assisting parties articulating their views and positions, considering options and alternatives and the best way to move forward in a constructive way. Our mediators can conduct the mediation on-site, or we can move it to a neutral location. The process is confidential and designed to limit disruption within the business and wider workgroup.

Situations where you may consider using an external mediator include:

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