HR consulting on the human side of business

HumanKapital will provide you with specialist advice and assistance when you need it on-demand. We also offer a complete end-to-end service providing you with peace of mind when it comes to people management.

Newcastle Recruitment Agency - HumanKapital

Our Human Resource Services

Newcastle Recruitment Agency - HumanKapital

Our services include:

Other services

Newcastle Recruitment Agency - HumanKapital

Other services include:

HR audits 

At HumanKapital we offer four types of HR audits, designed to identify and instil the right culture, structures, capability and employee behaviours to drive business performance.

Due diligence, acquisitions and divestments

At HumanKapital we have extensive expertise in acquisitions and divestments. We will assist you throughout the process or at any stage where you need advice. This may include the due diligence process as well as developing merger, integration or divestment plans through to being an advisor on your acquisition or divestment team.

Human Resources - HumanKapital

Reward and remuneration

Newcastle Recruitment Agency - HumanKapital

Do you know if you are paying your people too much or too little?

Having the right reward and remuneration structures in place can be the difference between employing and retaining the right people or losing critical employees.
HumanKapital’s reward and remuneration advice and services include:

Relocation services

Newcastle Recruitment Agency - HumanKapital

HumanKapital’s relocation services will familiarise your new or transferring employees to the Newcastle, Central Coast, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Regions. Our Relocation services include: