Situational Leadership and MBTI

HumanKapital is an official Trainer Partner of The Center for Leadership Studies, and provides Situational Leadership® training, the most successful and widely adopted leadership training available, as well as other communication, teamwork and leadership training.

While focusing on the relationship between leaders and followers, Situational Leadership® training builds trust, increases productivity, and drives behaviour change throughout organisations that deploy this practice.

Situational Leadership

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The Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders course introduces participants to the Situational Leadership® Model and equips leaders with the necessary tools to skillfully navigate the demands of an increasingly diverse workforce and evolving global marketplace. Widely adaptable to any circumstance, Situational Leadership® skills prepare leaders to meet the moment-to-moment challenges pervasive in today’s work environments. In addition, online or paper-based assessments provide participants with insights into their primary leadership behaviours and the range of styles they tend to act upon.

The Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders one-day face-to-face workshop is designed with flexibility to meet the specific needs of the organisation and individual learners.


Situational Leadership Workshop Agenda

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Participants explore and apply the Situational Leadership principles and skills through case study and real-world situations. Alternatively, this workshop can be delivered through a two-day virtual instructor-led program. These workshops are designed to.

The Building Leaders workshop will benefit all managers, directors, and leaders from a variety of backgrounds, industries and skill levels who wish to develop and advance their leadership skills.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

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At HumanKapital we are committed to providing quality, practical training and coaching services that will assist your current and emerging leaders improve their skills and grow. Amongst the range of services we offer at HumanKapital, we also provide Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) workshops. These workshops include an online MBTI assessment for each participant, one on one feedback on the MBTI assessment, and a one-day team workshop focusing on teamwork, communication and the development of a Team Charter.

Use of the MBTI assessment in organisations has grown steadily as leaders and employees have come to recognise its practical usefulness in solving organisational problems around conflict, communication, teamwork and leadership.

At the end of the workshop participants will:

Together, these tailored programs can help your current and emerging leaders and their teams connect, communicate and collaborate more effectively and productively.