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HumanKapital’s talent analytics takes the guesswork out of building capability and driving individual and team performance.

Our assessment tools compare performance across team members so that you can gain an understanding of the differences between your top performers and the remainder of your workforce.

We use globally recognised tools such as Korn Ferry and SHL leadership competencies and frameworks, SHL personality and ability assessments, 360-degree feedback assessments and the Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) framework.

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Training and development programs

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We can design and deliver custom programs in addition to those below:

Frontline leader program: This program provides managers, supervisors and team leaders with practical skills to provide clear direction, coach employees and provide effective feedback. The program also helps participants identify habits and behaviours that may limit their leadership effectiveness and develop a plan to improve their leadership style and effectiveness. The aim of the program is to enable frontline leaders to create a work environment that fosters employee engagement, improve performance, increase employee satisfaction and provide a shared understanding of the organisations vision and purpose.

Role clarity: Provides participants with a working knowledge of levels of work based on systems leadership. In addition, it provides participants with an understanding of their level of work including responsibilities and contributions at their level.

Communication: Assists participants in understanding, appreciating and accommodating Individual differences.

Conflict resolution: Explores factors that drive conflict and the skills required to achieve positive outcomes.

Employment law essentials: Provides participants with knowledge and understanding of Australian employment law and the organisations performance management and disciplinary procedures.

Enterprise risk management: Provides participants with the skills and knowledge to identify and manage business risks.

Performance management: Provides participants with the skills and knowledge to set performance goals, give feedback and recognition as well as how to proactively address and manage performance issues.

Recruitment and selection: Provides participants with skills, knowledge and techniques to achieve sound recruitment and selection outcomes.

Project management: Provides participants with the skills and knowledge to manage projects using project management tools and processes.

Setting work priorities: Provides participants with practical tools and techniques to develop realistic plans, set realistic goals and achieve them, in addition to managing conflict demands and mange time and resource constraints.

Sales excellence: This program has a 2-pronged approach. Firstly, is uses an online global diagnostic and assessment tool to measure the capability and effectiveness of your sales force against benchmarked top sales performers. Once the diagnostic is competed there is individual feedback and coaching from a leading sales coach and trainer.

Team effectiveness: Provides participants with the skills and awareness to work more effectively as part of a team.

Understanding yourself and others (MBTI certified): By taking the MBTI assessment and receiving 1 on 1 feedback this program provides participants with greater self-awareness, their impact on others and identify ways to improve interpersonal interactions and work performance.

Leading and managing change: Provides participants with the skills and knowledge to manage change using change management tolls and processes.

Workplace investigations: Provides participants with the skills and knowledge to conduct workplace investigations including how to collect data, practical interview techniques and report on investigation findings.

Safety training

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