What Does Introducing Artificial Intelligence Mean For Your Recruitment Process?

30 October 2023

The rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to surprise at every turn, but how can you implement it into your business, and what do you need to be aware of?

AI is computer software capable of answering any question using information gathered across the internet. Through learning the patterns found in information (language, audio, images, etc.) it is now able to perform tasks and behave in ways that previously only humans could.

Over the past few years businesses have started implementing this software into many different sectors, in particular, recruitment. AI has been used to streamline the employment process by disqualifying candidates before they are seen by human eyes. This technology has also broadened the candidate pool, increased efficiency and job tenure, and reduced hiring times and costs.

From searching for key words and characteristics to more advanced virtual interviews. While this can simplify the process and remove human bias, there are some problems to keep in mind.

When using AI to fill positions, a thorough position description is needed to let the software know what you require in the candidates. Depending on your choice of words, and the tight parameters you set, qualified candidates may be missed.

Another problem surrounding AI is its discriminatory characteristics. While some consider it an algorithmic error, it is more likely due to the lack of representation of some groups, reflecting real world and society as black and white and more so how it has been depicted across history.

The candidates your AI picks may also be based off previous resumes and backgrounds of employees previously hired. If your company has a history of exclusively recruiting a specific sort of person (for example, white men or university graduates), the AI tool will give priority to the candidates that share the same traits. Therefore, creating a bias in the algorithm that will discriminate against all other candidates now and in the future.

Although the new world of Artificial Intelligence seems exciting with immense benefits, it is important to weigh up the pros and cons of using an AI system when instigating your next recruitment process.

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